A Manhattan Love Story | Day 10

Day 10 I woke up to my first New York snow!  It was exciting to bundle up and head out to the city with the large flakes falling.

We decided to get on the Subway and stop somewhere we hadn't explored yet.  We ended up choosing to get off near Columbus Circle and Central Park, found a great Parisian cafe and got tea and quiche to enjoy near the window and watch the city go by.  It was a wonderfully relaxing way to spend some time.  One of the best things about spending so much time in New York for this first trip was the ability to really enjoy our time in the city and not feel rushed.  Sitting in a coffee shop for a couple of hours didn't feel like we were wasting time, it just felt relaxing and right.

By the time we left the cafe the snow had turned to rain, but being from the PacNW I wasn't too concerned.  I did learn quickly though that a puffy yarn scarf and rain do not mix.  It quickly felt like having a wet cat wrapped around my next.

While I knew about the LOVE statue that we found on Day 7, I wasn't aware that there was a HOPE one too!  It was really cool to stumble upon HOPE in the middle of the city.

While wandering the lower east side later that day we found a great bookstore called "Shakespeare and Co."  With that name there was no way we couldn't go in!  I had been hearing a lot about Neil Patrick Harris' autobiography, and since we were staying so close to him in the city, I figured it was the perfect time to purchase!  We found another coffee shop nearby and enjoyed reading our new books.

Side note: I finished NPH's book before I got back to Portland and it was easily the best, most cleverly written book I've read in quite awhile.  Two thumbs up!

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