A Manhattan Love Story | Day 11

Day 11 started with us packing up all our items and heading to a hotel in midtown.  The couple we were housesitting for were headed home that day so they could be at work the next day, and we needed to vacate the premises for them.  So we packed up, cleaned up and headed out to catch a bus. 

It was our first time taking the bus since the Subway was so handy, but we decided to take a bus this time so we could see Manhattan as we drove south rather than just the inside of the subway train.  We quickly realized that there was a very good reason to continue taking the subway.  The bus was, well, slow.

But the city was covered in a thick layer of fog and it was beautiful to see it roll (and I do mean roll) by.

Somewhere up there is the top of the Empire State Building.  Even standing as close as possible to the base of the building, you couldn't see the top.  It was pretty cool!

After checking into the hotel and grabbing a bite to eat we headed out to a close-by laundromat.

I know, we live the high life.  Try not to be jealous.

The condo we had been staying at had a broken washer so we hadn't had the opportunity to do any laundry and after 11 days, it was time to freshen things up.

After the exciting laundry we took our things back to the hotel and got ready for our last (sniff) night in NYC.  We were staying in the heart of midtown and decided to stick close to the hotel.  Right outside I looked up to find that the fog had lifted and the Empire was now showing off with all her pretty lights.

We stumbled upon a fun little pub that spoke to us and enjoyed a great dinner with a few drinks while we reminisced on our time in New York.

It was a low key day full of bittersweet feelings.  We were both ready to sleep in our beds again, and Hannah (who had been away from home longer than me with her pre-New York stay in Portland) was ready to be home and back to her routine.  But I was NOT ready to leave.  I had completely fallen head-over-heels with NYC and the energy of the city by this time and the thought of leaving nearly had me in tears just thinking about it.

Oh, and did I mention that our hotel in midtown (which only cost $99 that night) had this view:

Yup, New York was pulling out all the stops and trying to convince me to stay.

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