Life Lately | An Update with Pictures

Life has been busy lately with lots of travel and exciting things happening!  This past week alone I traveled to and through 3 states and saw tons of friends and family. 

I love traveling, but I think it's made all the more sweeter when I get to come home and sleep in my own bed, shower in my own bathroom and resume a somewhat regular schedule for a little while.

Last Friday I headed off to the land of palm trees, blue skies and sunshine!

It's been almost a year since I last visited Palm Desert and I was well over-do for a visit!  I spent many days down at the pool with this view...

And many evenings on the patio with a glass of wine in my hand and this view...

It wasn't all pool time and sunsets though.  I also went into town and got my hair cut.  I have been contemplating growing it out, but just couldn't take the helmet hair anymore.  As soon as I saw the finished product, I immediately felt 'normal' again and like myself.  I think I'm destined for a life of short hair.

While I was sad to fly back home and leave SoCal, I was super excited to be back in Portland to join Kayla for the Amos Lee concert at the Oregon Zoo Thursday night!  Amos was amazing as usual, and I loved how close we were able to get to the stage with our general admission tickets.

How do I get press passes like those lucky ducks in the front?!  I was KICKING myself for not bringing my real camera.  I was close enough to have gotten some really great photos, but had to settle for iPhone snaps instead.

See?!?!  Look how close!  Sigh...

Early the next morning I was back at PDX to head to Boise for the weekend.

I spent Friday evening with my favorite person.  I just love spending time with this little.  She's such a character.

Sunday morning I was back in Portland again and joined my brunch book club crew at City State for a delicious breakfast and book chat.  It was the perfect temp to sit outside and enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat.

This next week I'm staying in Portland, and looking forward to some down time at home with a regular (or somewhat regular at least) schedule for a little while.

Rapid Fire Confession Time

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means... it's time for some Humpday Confessions
Here are my confessions this week, rapid-fire-down-n-dirty style:
  • It's been hot lately, and I've begun sweating in places I didn't know existed.
  • I also didn't know it was possible to chafe in some of those places.
  • I've never been a country music fan, but I've been listening to it more and more these days and I'm loving it... this doesn't mean I'm pregnant does it?  #JustKiddingThatsNotPossible
  • I've been having dirty thoughts lately about my masseuse.  Is this unethical?
  • Even if it is unethical, I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. #PrettiestManIHaveEverSeen #SorryNotSorry
  • I've been avoiding all forms of responsibility while simultaneously working on an application for graduate school
  • And eating a lot of popsicles.
  • Girls Night Out has become less of a special event and more of a necessary experience on a semi-regular basis.
  • I need to do laundry because I'm almost out of clean underwear. 
  • I'm seriously considering just stopping by Target after work today to buy new underwear and continue avoiding said laundry.
  • Buying new underwear will no doubt be happening today.

Vodka and Soda

Confessions on this happy Humpday

Vodka and Soda

It's Wednesday, and that means I'm here to make some confessions, let's get to it, shall we?

||  I 've fallen into a Netflix black hole.  It's not the first time by any means, but it's bad news bears over here people.  I started watching the show Brothers & Sisters Sunday morning and finished my 23rd episode last night.  That's a lot of TV in a very short period of time y'all.

||  I'm not ashamed to admit that I have gotten teary cried sobbed over more than one episode.  It's just so damn real.

||  I hate the heat.  If I had my own perfect world it would never get above 75 degrees and never drop below 50.  In spite of this I'm really excited to head to Palm Springs next week - where the average day is well over 110 degrees.  But I can handle this because of day drinking and swimming pools.

||  Ever since my cousin introduced me to the faux pancake (2 eggs, cinnamon and 1 banana) I've not eaten anything else for breakfast.  That introduction happened well over 2 months ago.

||  Sometimes I don't comment on my friends' Facebook status or pictures, even though I really want to and I have something really funny to add.  I can no longer stand getting notifications from the other 20 people who don't have something clever to add.

||  Going along with the previous confession, I'm totally judging your friend who writes "lol" or ";)" on Every. Single. Damn. Post. of yours.

That's it for this week folks.  Head on over to Vodka and Soda to read some more humpday confessions!