Summer of Concerts

I love live music.  If I had $150 to spend on an amazing meal at a restaurant or see a concert, I would, hands down, spend it on the concert.  The bass thumping my chest, the vocals coming live over the speakers and the crowd all singing and swaying in unison... I love it.

This past spring I was working my butt off at two jobs I loved.  One was easily paying all the bills, so I decided the second would be split between my savings account and sending me to some great concerts for the summer.

For the most part it worked out well. Due to kidney stones and a long day in the ER I had to miss Amos Lee and Jack Johnson at the Gorge, but I got to see 5 other great artists, and that's nothing to sneeze at!

First up was Amos Lee at the Portland Zoo amphitheater.  My friend Kayla and I enjoyed near front row seats and it was AMAZING!  Amos Lee has been my favorite indie artist since I discovered him 5-ish years ago, and the top of my must-see-live list.  He did not disappoint!

Next up was Sara Bareilles with my friend Heather.  We enjoyed an evening at Edgefield listening, singing and dancing to the amazing vocals of Sara.  If you've ever wondered if the F word can sound adorable and classy, the answer is yes.  Sara drops the most adorable F bombs you'll ever hear.

I know most people think it's never rare for a rainy day in Portland, but let me tell you it is rare for a rainy day in the middle of August.  It was unseasonable and the perfect way to enjoy a Ray LaMontagne show!  My friend Pearl and I had a great time dancing in the rain along with hundreds of other fans at Edgefield.

The show I was most looking forward to took place at another McMenamins location, the Crystal Ballroom.  Pearl and I met up again for this show and Passenger did not disappoint.  It was a great show with two amazing openers.  Passenger played for 2 hours with just his guitar and completely blew me away.  Afterward Pearl and I joined a few other devoted fans to wait outside the venue for a few hours hoping to see him.  He exited just after 1 am and spoke with each of us individually and posed for pictures.  It was AMAZING.

Last, but not least, was Elton John at the Moda Center with Saleen.  This show flat out ROCKED.  It was my second time seeing Elton live and was a completely different experience.  The first time I saw him was nearly 10 years ago and at that concert Elton played for 3 hours with just his piano.  No band and no back up vocals.  It was amazing and intimate.  This time around Elton had his full band, including both his original guitarist and drummer, and they ROCKED it!  The concert was again 3 hours long, and full of some amazing hits!  

Oh man, this summer's lineup will be hard to beat.  I'm already scouring the internet for updates on more shows this fall, winter and next spring.

Do you like live music?  If you could see anyone live, who would it be?