San Franciscan Adventures

Back in early December I had the opportunity to travel to, and explore, San Francisco with my friend Tam, and Airbnb's newest endeavor.

Airbnb is working on branching out from just offering housing in many beautiful locations, and is working through the logistics of offering thematic excursions in multiple cities. I was one of many lucky participants sent by the company to SFO for three nights with a pre-planned itinerary meant to introduce us to many hidden gems not commonly explored by tourists.

By choosing the "Urban Adventurer's" theme, I enjoyed: a hike through the heart of the city that included 4 of the tallest peaks that offered amazing views, a private dinner and desert that ended with a night tour of the city as we enjoyed our ice cream, a moderate hike through Muir Woods, privately catered four-course Argentinian dinner in the Chef's home, and one of the best brunches I've ever enjoyed with the new friends I'd made.

The experience was one I'll always remember, and I'm grateful for having had the opportunity to explore San Francisco in a whole new way.

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