Life Lately | Cuteness Overload

Over the past 5 days I've been able to spend lots of quality time with my favorite little people. 

Internet, I give you my nieces and nephew:

Joie turned 7 on Sunday and I flew into Boise to be there for her big day. We partied Frozen style and enjoyed a weekend full of family, fun, and shopping. It was good to spend some quality time with my niece, it's been far too long since our last round of "silly selfies."

Harrison, the newest of the group (and first boy!) was born at the end of September. He was 6 weeks earlier than expected and happened to come during my first bought with bronchitis this year, so between staying away while sick, and traveling, I hadn't been able to officially meet him yet. The timing finally worked out this week and I was able to pop in for an overnight visit! He's still in that "eat, sleep, poop, repeat" phase, so I was able to get lots of sleepy snuggles in, and in-between his snoozes I was able to play puzzles, read books, and sing songs with his big sister, Emerson.

It has been a heart-filling week for sure.


  1. :) Aww.. What a great Aunt weekend it's been! I just love that picture of the three of you! I suppose we should have tried to get a picture of the four of us.. but that might have required a shower on my part ;)!

    1. I think one of the best things in life is being an aunt. And I love the picture of the three of us too! Thank you for taking it! We'll have to get a picture of all four of us over Thanksgiving. Let's plan to rope the whole family in one or two as well ;)